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Terms & Conditions

These are our terms & conditions.

TRUCKSHOP.BG's online store and the services offered there in operate under the terms and conditions below. Use of
the Website implies acceptance of all of the above terms and conditions. Therefore, if the user does not agree to
one or more of the terms of use of this site, he or she has the right to refrain from using it, otherwise the
user is automatically considered to accept all the terms.
* All pictures in the online store are sample examples, unless otherwise stated.


Registration is required to contact you and the information you receive (names, district, city, postal code,
shipping address and correspondence, telephone number and email) will only be used for delivery purposes. make
sure everything is entered correctly. The user submits his / her data voluntarily and thus gives the right for
their official use by the store staff.
New user registration is done through the registration form available from the website's homepage or when
ordering. By filling in the details, an account is created that facilitates subsequent shopping. If you do not
wish to register, you have the opportunity to place an order as a guest of the shop with a simple procedure. In
this case, however, you will not have the opportunity to view your previous orders and take advantage of the

How to shop at TRUCKSHOP.BG?

If you have already made your choice and decided to purchase the product from TRUCKSHOP.BG, you should go to the
individual page of the product you have selected and click the Add to Cart button. It will take you to the next
page showing the status of your cart. Here you can adjust the items and quantities you have requested. To delete
a product, simply press the red "X". You can always see the status of your cart with the Refresh button. Once you
have decided that these are the items and quantities you want to buy, you must proceed with the order button. It
will direct you to the page where you need to identify yourself as a customer, if you already have a TRUCKSHOP.BG
account, to register as a new client, if you have not already created one.

1. If you are a registered customer, you must enter your e-mail and password and press the Login button.

2. If you are a new customer, register and continue the order.

3. If you want to place an order as a guest of the store, select the product you want and go to its individual
page. Click the Add to Cart button and you will see the desired product and its quantity. Click the Order button,
where you can choose how you want to order - in this case - Guest Order, in third position.

On the next page you will see your data. Please check and correct if there is a change before pressing the Next
Step button. You must select payment and delivery methods on this page. If you would like to receive a VAT
invoice, please tick in the field Do you want an invoice? In the box below, you can fill out her details or give
other special instructions. In order to prepare the document you need to provide us with complete information:
company name, UIC, address, MOL. If you have any notes or special instructions, you can also write them in this

The Next Step button will take you to the confirmation page. There you will confirm your final order as well as
the amount you have to pay. To do this, please click the Finalize Order button.

I forgot my password, how do I log in with my old account again?

In the upper left corner of the screen is the Login button, press it and you will see a Forgot Password link.
Enter your email address and you'll receive a password to sign in to TRUCKSHOP.BG.

How do I see the status of my orders?

To see the status of the orders you have made, you must log in to your account after logging in to the Login
menu (on the left, in the category column directly below them) and press the Orders button.

Shipping and Payment!

The FREE SHIPPING service is valid only for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and is valid
under the following conditions:

- The order has been made and completed by the customer through the online store

* (for items such as discs, brake pads, drums, chains, etc. weighing more than 15 kg. delivery is subject to

* Orders placed after 16:00 !!!

Due to the technological time required to process each order, it is possible to place an order after 16:00. left
to process for Next Business Day!

Warranty and Claim

The warranty terms of each product are individual and the claims are approved by the manufacturer (supplier) of
the product.

Warranty and claim are accepted after reviewing the item (s) in question, and for this purpose they need to be
returned to the Merchant, with delivery costs borne by the Client.

Return and Replace

The consumer has the right, without owing compensation or penalty and without giving a reason, to refuse or
return the goods within 14 days from receipt? provided that it is returned in the form in which it was obtained
without being used in a commercially sound manner. The goods are returned together with all supporting documents,
the shipping costs being covered by the buyer.