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How to place an order using the Webshop?

Step - 1

If you have already signed up, sign in with your account


Step - 2

You can change the language (BG / EN), You can also change the currency (BGN / EURO)


Step - 3

You can search for products with OEM number, catalog number, or by name with the search button on top. You can also search by viewing the product categories on the left


Step - 4

Once you select a product, add it to your cart


Step - 5

You can view all the products added to the shopping cart


Step - 6

Once in the cart you can change the quantity for certain items, checkout or continue shopping.

If you want to finish the order, click the CHECKOUT button


Step - 7

This is the step to finalizing the order. You have to check the - "I AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS" box.

You can also add additional instructions for the order.

Then click the FINALIZE ORDER button